3 DAYS TRIP ESSENTIALS - What I bring with me

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Since I had to come to Italy for three days (due to some bureaucratic things) and it was a pretty quick decision, I had to decide what to put in my big travel bag and select the most important items i needed! I have to say that at my parents place I still have some of my old pijamas that I left here, and of course things to use daily as shampoos and other stuff.

Little disclaimer, the post will be full of red!

First of all, I had to leave home at 2 am, and my flight was at 6 am... I was extremely happy and I was already hyped to see the Sunrise, but then I was so tired that I started to sleep. When I woke up, this appeared under our plane.. the Alps! It wasn't the sunrise, but still not a bad view, right?


So this is my little baby MacBook Air that entered in my life to bring joy (I know, I'm getting too far now haha) right after Christmas!
I can't imagine better laptop for me, actually... It's easy to work with and I don't need to find too much place for it since is really thin. It's kinda cozy, that would be an adjective I'd give to it, if someone would ask for it. 


An easy backpack is always good to have, this one is something I bought in one of the most hipster parts of Berlin.. so it actually has something written on the other side, but I just wanted something to bring when I don't have many things to put in and that could be easy to carry. Backpacks are always the best.
So in here I put documents, snacks/food and water, little mirror and my phone. Oh, and of course the wallet! The one you see is just something I borrowed once from my mom and that remained mine because I'm too picky with choosing them and never get one.
The thing is that 3 years ago I bought my favorite wallet ever (it could contain everything I wanted in and the bus/train ticket was so easy to get out of it) and of course time passed for it too... So when I had to stop using it, here is when mom's one enters the story!


This is what I always have with me during the colder days, so I did a little mistake bringing them to Italy (today, for example, are 14°C), but I'm sure in some days the cold with come back, and if not, I'll then just be ready for the return in Berlin.

The scarf is from Primark, one year old if I remember well, and until now the only scarf that can keep me warm enough and that goes well with every jacket.
The gloves are waaaay older, so old that I don't remember when I bought them, but they're simply the best. Cozy, warm, cute and if I want to have that homeless look, I just need to open the top (don't know if you can see) with the half-fingers and you get the look.
The beanie is from H&M and is not only one of the few beanies that suits me, but also that green goes so well with my actual reddish color.


You can't really rely just on technology when you're traveling, especially because it happens that you not always are able to have an internet connection. So the good old (not that old) way is bringing a good book with you, and this is my current read. The book is extremely interesting and full of "what?!", "wow!" and "no... wait a minute.", so even if you're not that kind of person who can concentrate if surrounded by a lot of people, you'll manage to keep all your attention on it and not realize where you actually are. At that point then, please don't loose your flight or train, I'd feel guilty for suggesting it.

If you can read italian and want to know something more detailed about the book, check this blog HERE!


This is me in a cardigan! 
The colors are my favorite colors ever, is soft and cozy, you can wear it with basically everything you own, keeps you warm and it can magically enter under every jacket and not make you look like a big snowman. I bought it from Zara on sale this winter and if I'd be weird enough, I'd wear it even on summer for how good it is!

The other things I brought were just the different chargers and 2 t-shirts to change.

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know as per usual..

Hope you're having a great time wherever you are!



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