✿ Painted resolutions for 2016 | Day 4 ✿

10:13 PM


Nearly coming to an end for this little series of mine!
Today I wanted to give a little thought about how I'd like my 2016 to be in a more intense sense, or better from the inside, from the side of meditation and feeling good. This little painting is supposed to be a crystal, by the way haha

I started meditating in 2015 and I slowly learned (it took a while) that meditating doesn't just mean sitting somewhere and not thinking of anything.. so many things can be called meditation! For example, even just painting with a little bit of relaxing music could become meditation, if you enjoy every moment of it and let all your deeper thoughts fly away. Attention, little disclaimer, meditation IS NOT HIPPIE, if you're one of those people who think even that being hippie is something horrible. Meditation is the only way of living in peace with your surrounding and with your self, first of all. It helps you go on everyday, it helps you live in a more open-minded way and see things from different prospectives.
You know that effect that alcool or a drug could give you? Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day and come tell me how it feels.. you'll get higher than the airplanes and without hurting yourself haha

By the way, what I wanted to say is that I want to get more into meditation, and even tho I often make yoga too, I want to get better in that too. I want to prevent myself from negativity and heal my soul and body with it, little by little, everyday. 
Whats with crystals then? They are a big part of it, which I still need to discover, so let's take some time this year to get more into them too!

Tomorrow is the last day before 2016 begins, are you scared or excited? 

See you tomorrow!!



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