✿ Painted resolutions for 2016 | Day 3 ✿

8:45 AM


If you followed me a little while ago, this has been in my head as something I felt the need to do, or better buying fresh flowers at least once a week.
Having fresh flowers in your home just changes everything: I often change apartment in Berlin and sometimes I need to get one in a short period of time, so the result of my researches maybe its not the best and I don't feel 100% comfortable in it. But as soon as I start making everything more in my style, changing places to furnitures and having my clothes around included, then I can be everywhere and I'd feel good, because one good thing I have (among many other annoying ones maybe haha) is that I can often create my own little space even out of the shittiest shit. 
But you need to know, one thing that makes every kind of place better instantly are fresh flowers!

I feel like this "new years resolutions" are often just "life resolutions", in an updated version, because we change anyways every year, and so do our interests. 
What I'd like to do, that I never always remember to do, is fixing a particular day per week in which I'll buy flowers to make the room a hundred times more filled with positive energy!

My favorite flowers of all times are those huge white daisies (that unfortunately day can die too soon) that give nearly a sensation of clean space around you... and they're so delicate and never "too much" (not that flowers can be too much, but sometimes it just depends).
Another flower I love is Orchids, but this is the fault of my mother, because she loves them too and she basically transmitted me this love haha

So this was my number three, I hope this mini series is not too boring for you and that you'll read tomorrow's one too! :)

Have a nice day.



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