✿ Painted resolutions for 2016 | Day 2 ✿

3:11 PM


In my 2016 I want to read more: having always a book close to my bed, in my everyday bag, researching anything that comes to my mind and being curious about everything!
I want my head to be a luggage full of knowledge and have an answer to all my questions. 

I actually need to be more regular with it, because I basically have periods in which I read a lot and periods in which I just get more into other things and apparently I don't find much time to sit and read a good book... but wrong! I know that even just a few pages a day could help me, maybe even to see the world from different prospectives.
Another point that would help me in my purpose is finding my favorite genre. I got stuck in one genre since I was in high school, the historical based novels, and I still have problems in finding interest in other types of books today! The book has to maintain my attention high until the end, even a little bit of less interesting part in a book makes my mood go a bit down! 

But except from that genre, I enjoy so much those book that teach me something: if it's all about a fiction but nothing that is related to real life, I don't always enjoy the book. In fact my favorite one of 2015 has been "Sophie's World" and I would read it again and again!

This is my second resolution for 2016, reading more books and getting more curious about the world that surrounds me.. I hope to see you again tomorrow for my third resolution :)



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