✿ Painted resolutions for 2016 | Day 1 ✿

11:01 AM

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, hi, my name there is always @pollyalba), you might know that I basically decided to make me a little present, buying myself some beautiful watercolors, new painter brushes and a thick paper.. thick enough to resist to either my imagination fails or enjoyable results.

I had then this idea to make 5 small paintings for each day that divides us from 2016, representing everyday one resolution for the new upcoming year, which I'm really excited for, and learning how to paint at the same time!


I sometimes happen to be lazy and decide to not take a walk because of the cold or because of my youtube subscription! (although this happens mostly when I return to my parents in Italy, more than in Berlin haha). But I want to "force" myself until I get out of home, because anytime I go in Nature, I appreciate those moments more than anything and get the daily peace I needed.

In 2016 I want to go camping, I want to see new forests and get lost in them.. sometimes alone, sometimes with the people I'm comfortable with. I want to kinda loose contact with technology and social media with the help of Nature, because I know that with Her everything is possible. 
Also.. getting to know more Nature, I'll get to know more myself, because we are all one, and I want to take inspiration from Her as much as I can.

I want to meet new people talking about the concept of Nature, people who love it as me and who can maybe teach me more and more about it.. and I want to keep firmly close to me and get even closer to people that I already love, discovering new parts of Nature that I never thought about!

Will this be one of your 2016 resolutions too? 
Follow me during my little blogpost-journey to maybe get some inspiration :)



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