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December is been a month full of travels since I went out of Berlin for the holidays, and before every flight or train trip, I tend to take a lot of time to choose the music I'll bring with me.
I usually have three methods to select some good songs:

 If I recently liked one or two songs of a particular band or artist, I'll just download the whole discography and discover if I like the rest I didn't listen to with calm in my flight/train trip.

 If I don't have any idea I just let Spotify decide for me! haha

 I tend to choose, in case of flight, psychedelic kind of bands, because that's what I feel it fits the best with the sights of clouds and skies from the airplane.

So.. what was my favorite music in this period?!


Some friends of mine introduced me to this band and I felt such a good energy from
 their songs that I still can't stop listening to them. My favorite song has to be "Budding Tree", maybe because of the deep connection I found to have with Nature and the words of the songs that just describes that particular connection. Also, the official video is just made by followers of this band and it literally fills you up with feelings of love and freedom!


This song from Tame Impala is something you'd expect to hear constantly running on the radio, for how catchy it is.. but fortunately the mainstream music industry still didn't touch it 8)
Maybe I wouldn't watch the video because it's too strange for my little brain, but instead go to listen also to "Love Paranoia"!
If you have some money to spend in something cool and you live close to or in Berlin, I suggest to take a ticket for their concert in Columbiahalle on the 8th of February.

3. MØ

The song I've been listening to a lot is Kamikaze.. such a good idea from her to give this name to the song in this period! haha
But apart from that, the song is simply fun to listen to and it gives you nearly some summer vibes, that here in Italy since it's not THAT cold are perfect. It also always put me in the dance mood, and I often get ready with it!
I actually discovered MØ more than two years ago in the worst timing ever, while I was having my finals (more precisely the night before), and at a certain point I started to have more her songs in my mind than the things I was supposed to study haha

To listen to what I mostly like of her: "Kamikaze", "Slow Love", "Walk This Way"


I saved the best for last!
I would say that this goes defenetly out of my comfort zone when it's about music, but what is the "comfort zone" when we're talking about music? Everything that gives you good feelings it's just perfect.
This band is called Yellow Monkey, directly from the 90s, and this song is taken from an anime.. I am so hyped to know how to play this song and I wouldn't mind making a cover of it, even tho my japanese knowledge is basically nonexistent! But why not..

To listen to it on repeat as I am doing at the moment: "Tactics"

Please let me know if you like one of the songs/artists I just listed, and I'm coming soon with a photo gallery kind of post for you guys!

Hope you have a nice day..



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