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Top: LightInTheBox *
Skirt: LightInTheBox *
Tights: H&M
Bag: AsianIcandy
Boots: Little Local shop

After more than a month I finally show up again on the blog world! My problem is actually my bad relationship with technology: my laptop left me one month ago and my phone wasn't usable until last week.. But I'll soon have a decent laptop and HOPEFULLY I'll then be able to write with good timing on my little lovely blog.

This combination is something I'm in love with as soon as it came home. I've always wanted that kind of skirt since I defenetly can't afford an American Apparel one 8) my only problem has always been that the ones I've found were not high waisted or not long enough! 
So when I cam back home one day and saw what the delivery man left for me, I was totally happy and couldn't wait to try it. The quality it's reeeeally good and the color is a perfect option, instead of a black basic one. And the top.. don't ask why pink, but I recently got in love with light pink of all kinds!

Oh and.. did you see the hair? haha Just a little big change.. big because it's totally different from before, but little because I took that decision already two months ago so I was pretty much ready to see me this way. Also, everything can fit perfectly as soon as you feel comfortable in it, that's my main phrase :D

I have an airplane for my "first homeland", and I'll make a lot of photos for a future blog, in one week <3 nbsp="">

Hope to see you again here!



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