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Cardigan: Dealsale (Item Number: CB030611_NB_M )
Dress: H&M
Belt: Thrifted

$100 Coupon - DealSale website :  
70% off - IOS :
70% off - Android :

This is such a lazy, quick outfit of mine that I usually would wear when I just go to study in the Starbucks/random cafè and I don't feel like wearing anything fancy.
I chose this sweater from this new brand (or better, an APP) I actually read for the first time, Dealsale, and I have to admit the quality is pretty good! This warm cardigan will be one of my most used pieces of the wardrobe for sure haha maybe becoming even more cozy with some pants and a simple t-shirt.
The only problem I had is that I couldn't find so many not-too.boring things I already had to style with it because the blue is brighter than how I thought, so I ended up with this old H&M basic dress on, but not too bad! If you follow me on Instagram (@pollyalba), you'll probably see other combinations with it in the future!

How awesome is October? I am really enjoying this period of the year. Is like creativity comes all out, all at once.. I feel so full of ideas and I want to share them everyday, and also learn something everyday.
I even discovered that, as the youtubers have the usual "vlogtober", people who have the passion to draw have "inktober".. and you can just search over IG/Tumblr and find such amazing works! :D

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!!



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4 commenti

  1. I like your outfit! It is a good clue how to wear your summer wardrobe into fall too :D *thumbs up*
    And the dress fits you so well! You look gorgeous!

    1. Ohh, thank you so much :)
      You actually got my message completely with the summer-to-fall look! :D <3

  2. Love your blog but not a fan of how it scrolls. Also, what camera do you use to take pictures?