I wish I was the Moon ☽

1:51 PM

It took me long to arrive to say that pants can be part of one of my "comfortable looks", but here I am at 21 years old saying it, after years of dresses and skirts haha

Denim Jacket: Vintage
Top: Tally Weijl
Pants: H&M
Black hoodie: Thrifted
Boots: H&M

There was an awesome light the day I shot this look, really happy with how it turned out!
Again a simple outfit, I wore it already three times last week (sometimes making it even more comfortable changing the shoes with some trainers).
I don't own so many hoodies, and the one in the photos is a thrifted one from my boyfriend, so I am really thinking of getting a bunch of them! I love the combination with the denim jacket, they are a good city kind of look, or "it's early morning, i don't have make up on and I'm not ready to socialize" look, so they'll be perfect for autumn.

I am thinking of making an update of an old post I once made, about my favourite youtubers! Youtube became sooo entertaining for me this year, expecially because I am choosing the right people to watch and I both learn something and have fun thanks to my subscriptions. But anyways,

hooope your week is going well!


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