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For me, autumn means new beginning, and it's kinda always been like this..

I guess the arrival of autumn after summer, it's like if I wake up the day after a really lazy tv series and chocolate day. I remember that when I was a child, I always couldn't wait for opposite season I was in, so when it still was summer and hot I used to take out the thick blankets and imagine how cuddely that feeling is.. and during still quite cold springs, I used to walk through the house with shorts and short sleeves. I used to get tired really quickly, so often, and about so many things. If I wanted to eat something that needed so many ingredients, after the end of the recipe I would let everything laying around and start something else! In relationships, after I enjoyed some time with a person, I would already after a month have doubts and think about what I could have done alone next.

Letting things undone because I was tired of them is still something I'm fighting with, but I must say I'm much more mature and I learned that a good part of the secret to live better when you "grow up"(never really growing up inside, please) is "appreciation". I have to put this in darker letters, because it helped me a lot and it could maybe help someone else too!

I moved two countries during my life until now, and nothing is better than trying to find good things in new (and maybe not always positive) things, because our brain just works like this: we are so fragile and sensitive, some more and some less, that sometimes it may seem funny but we need to tell things to our brain to not make it worry and think too much. We need to appreciate what we have, to be thankful for being alive and never really be too sad about everything, because we can litterally find all we need around us. Just try walking around with a genuine smile on your face, then you'll notice how easy happiness will come to you.

I think I already said this, but other thing that helped me finding home in a place that wasn't my family home were habbits and little fresh traditions. Fresh because you create them, so they're brand new! For me, having a tea in the morning and meditating some minutes while the tea cools a bit down is not just a habbit, for me it's my little tradition that I personally started and I do when I really feel good and in the mood for it.

I could write for hours about it, but I could just make another post another time to make the reading more enjoyable.

Which are your little cozy traditions and what makes you feel home the most? 
I'm sure a real smile makes every place look like home.



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