Feeling Art - James R. Eads ☯

12:29 PM

Today I decided to share the result of my recent researches, James R. Eads.
I'm am a huuuge art lover, even if I am usually not so much into modern art.. but Eads is really connected to Van Gogh, and he describes so well the connection between Nature and Humans, so I just ended up loving his art immediately.
I like trying to find secrets between beautiful works of art and then maybe read about who made them, and understand better the emotions between them.
This artist of our days had the power to put in front of our eyes something that could come out of our minds maybe during a deep meditation or a gorgeous long dream.

I'd like to create something like this maybe once a month and share with you guys what captured my attention. Now I let you to the real magic :)



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3 commenti

  1.  I always love the images you share.

  2. Thank you for showing us this! I am a huge fan of Van Gogh and I am really happy to find art which wakes the same feelings in me! Good job!