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I made a post about my favourite youtubers around one year ago, if I remember well, but my interests and passions changed A LOT during this time period, so here's an updated version!
I don't remember exactly which youtubers were involved in my old post, but I believe just one or two will be repeated and continue to be my "go to" when I chill and watch videos around youtube.


Despite her mature way of thinking, Essena is a 18 years old Youtuber and model, that I now follow since half a year.
What I like about her channel is the way her videos give me the feel of listening to an old friend, so they're often chatty, and I also find her way of communicating similar to mine. She basically uses her channel as a diary, and so do I with my blog! I really needed something like this as soon as I went to live alone in a different (and at first "cold") country such as Germany.
She is vegan, and she is into a healthy lifestyle... I often watch people like her because they kinda push me when I feel lazy! They remind me to ask myself every night before going to sleep "what did I learn or do today that helped me in the process of becoming a better person?", and this is a question that I have stuck in my mind because my mom always used to say it to me when I lived with my family. Years ago I would have answered pissed off to that question, but living alone I realized I need it more than ever.
By the way, being both young, I also prefer to think that I follow her since we are both in our "growing process" (so more in the same level), because as she says too, we are all here on earth living similar situations and struggles. Being happy and lovely with people (and animals) who surround us is the best thing you could do.


I surely remember Estée in my old post, because she is my all time favourite youtuber. I just love how classy she is in her normal life, without stopping to be herself. Sometimes people think that you need to grow up and become boring at a certain point of your life, because that's just how it has to be, but there's nothing more wrong than this, in my opinion, and she clearly shows it! Also, I am not a big beauty products fan because I don't like to use so much make up other than my eyeliner, but the way she presents them, ohh! I'd listen to her all day long haha
She changed in better in this period, and I am always so excited when she uploads, expecially vlogs, since I'm obsessed with the simple home design of her apartment and with her cute dog Reggie. 


I like to call her Winter Queen, because of her beautiful sense of fashion and hair-make up combination. Jenny is from Sweden and I actually got to know her on Lookbook a long time ago... then just later (few months ago) I discovered her Instagram account and finally her youtube channel. She's fully into minimalism and she's also vegan: I love to watch her recipe videos because they're so inspiring, easy to recreate and with simple ingredients
What I can understand just watching at her videos and reading her posts on her blog 
is that she is a really organized person, and that's why I like to be inspired by her (I'm slowly getting into this world too).


It's pretty impossible for me to pronounce her youtube channel's name, but Dodie is one of those people I watch when I need a sweet kind of entertaining. We of course should learn something from everybody, but with her I feel like I am in the same level. So even watching at her videos is for me like watching at me trying something, playing and singing something (since I love to play guitar) and having doubts and everyday questions. 
I like to stop and think with her about certain simple topics, even because her voice is what makes the difference, so calming and relaxing! 


One thing I love to do when I am on youtube is taking those 20-30 mins and watch a weekly-vlog of these two sisters, Stephanie and Melissa, and I believe they were in the other post too. 
They have two different styles, so if you're not in the grunge/edgy looks of Stephany, then you're surely be into the chic and classy looks of Melissa. I'd say I'm 60% into Stephany's point of view about fashion, and 40% into Melissa's one!
They thrift A LOT, which I love, and it always makes me want to go around second hand shops too... but then, after I go in those places, I realize that  I unfortunately don't live in USA and the thrifted shops in Germany are not that awesome. 

☛ The Fashion Citizen's Channel


Last but not least, Haley is pure entertainment! She's so funny, but also really talented: she plays the ukulele and her voice is amazing (it shows up often even in the vlogs). 
She's from Canada and recently is vlogging every day of October, so I'd suggest to check her out. Another vegan youtuber, but you won't see so many recipe videos or health care on her channel because she is the classical student/young at work type of person that doesn't dedicate so much time in cooking... but who cares about cooking when you're Haley! haha 

Hope you like the suggestions, and if you know other interesting people please let me know in the comments! :)



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    1. She's also really intelligent :) and I'm obsessed with her Instagram account! :3

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