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Welcome to my Idea of Autumn 

Top: DIY from an old dress
Velvet Skirt: Shein
Bag: DealSale (Item Number: SV021567_O)
Boots: H&M

$100 Coupon - DealSale website :  
70% off - IOS :
70% off - Android :

Orange, all kind of deep reds and some black, this will defenetly be my autumn palette for this year.
I feel so hyped about clothes at the moment, after I had a total black out for the whole winter last year until half of the summer! I don't mean that I want to take hours to dress up, but at least to have something that makes me feel good during the day, that possibly reflects my mood and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.
The little cute bag is from the clothes app DealSale, and even if I guess it wasn't supposed to be that, I like to think that is a fox! haha I simply paired it with these perfect and warm H&M boots, nearly velvety as this old velvet skirt.

This monday started pretty good for me, also because of the sun shining, hope it's the same in your Universe too! :D



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6 commenti

  1. ahhh that skirt! I love it! I've got a sweater with the same fabric!

    1. Wow, a velvety sweater! :D I'd love to see how you'd style it :) love the material so much, makes me feel like a princess!

  2. I have no idea if the comment I already posted will be published or not :O
    Anyway,I really like your bag! It is so cute! And the outfit look so good on you!
    Also,I've wanted that skirt for a long time now haha and I've seen a similar one last year in H&M but they disappointed me a bit with autumn collection this time. So,still on the lookout :D

    1. You couldn't comment in a better moment, I was just watching an episode of Gilmour Girls and then I saw your name, Rory xD (hope you know gilmour girls :D)
      I took this skirt online and it's way easier to find it in here! But I wish mine was a little longer ç_ç (a problem I have with internet orders haha)