To see you smile

2:25 PM

Pullover: H&M
Plaid Shirt: BrandyMelville
Shorts: Thrifted
Boots: Topshop

Helloooo people,
hope you're all closing this weekend in the best way ever!
I decided today (and had the actual time) to post my outfit: really simple, let's call it slightly "grunge", with some old stuff. I don't buy so much anymore, and I think well of what to buy in case I go shopping, so I found recently some little things to do in my current wardrobe before we really get into Autumn/autumnal shopping.

I have many clothes that I don't use because they got smaller (I sometimes have struggles with materials and washing machine haha) or i don't like anymore the shape of them.. so I created two tops out of two simple dresses and a skirt out of a tiny old dress! You may have the possibility to see them around my Instagram (@pollyalba) or here.

Anyways, two more things:
 1) my hair are growing and autumn is upon us, so it gets closer the moment in which I'll have a little more red hair (I'm a fox, I need to maintain that name);
2) the title of the post is the song of a really cute band from New Zealand that I saw live here in Berlin, the Charity Children! go and check them out when you feel extremly sweet and in love!

Remember to be yourself and to spread some happiness today!


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