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8:44 PM

This is a photo-blog post version of what I did yesterday, which was basically a chill day with my boyfriend. I would love to make vlogs, but I can't really use youtube at the moment (my computer is old, my camera so huge to make video outside..), but I probably will one day :D

So after I wake up in the morning, maybe after drinking water and eating something, I love to make some exercises. I usually make workouts nearly everyday and most of the times concentrtated on the legs, because it takes so much effort for me to keep them healthy-looking, if it makes sense haha

I usually gain weight on the legs, let's put it this way.. but of course I enjoy working out and suggest it to everybody, if I don't do it in the morning then I make 15-20 mins around an hour before going to sleep.

While walking around the sunny Berlin, we went to buy some grocery, and we found THIS. Litterally, the most cheesy vegan thing ever! If you come to/live in Berlin, we bought it in the supermaket in Zoologischer Garten, right in front of the station.

I am always so happy to find vegan alternatives to cheese: I adore cheese, but of course I know it's not good for the animals and for us, since is really fat and not supposed to be for humans. So even if I'm not 100% vegan, I always try for the 90% of the times to stay without any dairy or egg.

The weather was so beautiful that we decided to spend some time in the Nature, in Tiergarten, my favourite place. I actually live close to it, so I should always push myself to go there more often, because I never regret it in the end.

We then ended up playing some billiard and drinking our favourite alternative to Coca Cola, that I only found here in Germany! All this usually happens in the early afternoon because there are less people (and less people who really know to play it good haha)! I can manage to play well just if I'm fully concentrated.

That chilly pretty day ended with the sight of the pretty Berlin in the evening. It's already so chilly and summer it's defenetly gone, but those sunny days still make me feel the freedom of the summer days! I can't wait for the real autumn to come :)

Hope it wasn't too boring..
Next post will be an outfit post!


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