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I was thinking of what kind of post to write today, and I just realized that I recently discovered and re-discovered few songs and bands that I really enjoy listening to at the moment. They go from genre to genre, since I never listen just to one certain type of music, but this period I remained in the chilly music world, so nothing too extreme! 


One night I was just randomly checking Spotify and a song from the Indien just came out, and it was exactly was I needed in that moment. Their songs are just like a fire to me, I would easily call their music "sexy".. I don't know if other people like to define this way some songs, but after listening to some of their songs you'll maybe understand better what I mean! haha 
Let's say they are the kind of genre I'd like to listen at night, when I'm in a really good mood, with a glass of wine and my boyfriend close to me. 

I actually thought, as soon as I listened at the first song, that they sounded really famous, but appearently they're really young and still not famous as they deserve, I'd say.. let's show some love to this young talents :)

(to listen to the songs: "summer night", "done", "fire")


I used to listen to this song so often years ago, but I completely forgot about it! Defenetly one of my favourites of REM, and defenetly the happiest one (which is a plus for me :D).
I love so much the simple video, and I admit I had a crush on the female voice in the song, Kate Pierson, that I shouldn't have seen now after 24 years (she's 67) because it ruined my image of her haha (of course years pass for everybody, no matter the amount of botox)! 
If you don't know the song, go check it out on youtube and dance/sing loud over it 

 (to listen to the song: "shiny happy people")


This song was introduced to me by my best friend, and she really got it right with it, was the right song at the right moment for me. It takes you in a complete different atmosphere and you get nearly lost, maybe because of the sounds in the background, maybe because of the fast flowing of the words.
I am still in the process of learning more about this band, but this song kept me from the beginning.

I suggest to listen to it in a train or in a car, when you see things passing by quickly in front of you and immediately replaced by new ones right after.

(to listen to the song: "full circle")


I got to know them in the beginning of my teenage years with the song "Drive", which I just consider a must to know because goes well in every situation and time of the year.
Actually, that's something I'd like to ask to people usually: do you choose to listen to some songs even relating them to the season you're in? I'm really conditioned by this. During summer I usually listen to songs that are relaxing and chilly, easy in the structure and with motivational words that make you want to swim or go for a trip. during winter I like songs that are more into metal, really warming voices or songs that can be nice to listen to in a naked winter forest.. but I'm going offtopic!

"Beware! Criminal" is one of the songs I consider easy to dance on and sing when you're alone at home, try and let me know!

(to listen to the song: "beware! criminal")


You may know that I am into meditation, and this song was such an awesome find!
"Aldebaran" is a song from Enya, but the name comes from a really far away giant star, in which it's  known to be life. 
It really blows my mind any time I listen to it: close your eyes, and let your mind go with this song. To me, it often makes something move inside! I couldn't even explain the sensation, but it often feels like a spiral that moves, going up and up, until it opens like two arms that want to grab something.

(to listen to the song: "aldebaran")

Hope you'll get inspired and that you'll also love these songs! Also it would make me happy to read your favourite songs at the moment :)

Have a lovely Sunday,

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  1. Even though it is not the type of music I would normally listen to,I really like the Half moon run. Good choice!


    1. Suggest me one of your favourite songs! I love to expand my music culture :D