Embrace yourself.

10:50 AM

When I was a teenager, I used to take the bus to go to high school, and every morning I had a good amount of eyeliner on my eyes, my black clothes, my hair covering big part of my face and my music. 
Now, actually just some years later (I'm 21), I do like sometimes my winged eyeliner when I feel in the mood for it, I do have some black clothes when I feel like I want to be either more "classy" or just comfortable.. I do let my hair sometimes fall over my eyes, but I manage to uncover the face some seconds after, and my music still stays with me everywhere I am.

I write this little heart-opened post to remind to myself, and why not, to you if you need it, that we have to embrace ourselves everyday. I feel like being this young, it is a complete loosing of time to say negative things about what I am now and how I look like.. I do it often as every other human, but I also do love myself! I am slowly learning to divide productive observations on my body from words that just want to put me down (you can put yourself down too!)
A reason why I used to cover so much my face in the bus using my hair was even because I didn't wanted to show my nose (sounds stupid, it is, but try to say this to a teenager!). Exactly that nose that you can see in this photo too, but guess what.. it's just part of me! Fortunately I realized that I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't have that part of my body as it is. And believe it or not, it's going to stay there, so I better show some love to it! haha
This is of course just an example, to show you that you can change your mind about yourself. 

So let's make it as if this was a letter to my mind and body, I'm sure they'll receive the message for future bad thoughts abuot myself!


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  1. I agree, we should love ourselves. I guess that we are confused ball of raging hormones in our teens and that is why we don't appreciate ourselves enough. It's good to be out of puberty haha

  2. Deeefenetly, puberty wasn't and still isn't the favourite time of my life.. I'd just love to be 5/6 years old again! haha