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After a while, I returned making an "ootd" post again! :)

Pullover: Bershka 
Denim Shorts: Forever21* (or this* )
Backpack: NewDress*

I am in a little part of my life where clothes and shopping are "important" to me, but not as before! That's why maybe you don't see so many ootd posts on my blog anymore. I still enjoy combining things, and I still have my creative days, but I am trying with time to filter my amount of clothes and get in the end, maybe after some years, a wardrobe that really reflects me. I prefer now to not buy too often really cheap stuff, and keep some money for something that maybe costs a little bit more but that will last me longer!

About the look: I chose my ideal perfect "grunge" type of combination with the tie dye sweater and the acid wash shorts, but with a delicate and girly touch coming from the backpack by NewDress. What I also am planning to have is a huge amount of backpacks of all the shapes and sizes! 8) May seem strange, but living in a busy city makes you get tired of shoulder bags sometimes, and you have those days when you just want to put on a backpack and go. So, since I became more organized, I already think about these days and I'll be ready for them! haha
The sweater is the main piece (but I can't find any link from the site) and was in the man section of Bershka.
Hope you liked this OOTD!

With love,

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