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Hello, people!
Let's sit down and talk in a more personal way now.. let's see together how to become not "perfect" as the society continues to say everyday to us, but the best version of ourselves.
To do this, what you have to do is pushing yourself.. otherwise nothing can really happen if you continue staying on your bed watching Netflix!

I recently found this little list of things to do everyday: don't worry, nothing to hardcore and everything will make you feel much better after even just a few weeks. Lttle note: don't be scared of write down what you need to do, what you want to do/eat and which are your goals in general: it's not a maniac thing and you are not weird, it just helps for everything!

So everyday try to do at least:

1. One thing for your body (exercise, strech, eat healthy, get enough sleep..)

2. One thing for your mind (read, meditate, watch a movie, listen to music..)

3. One thing for your soul (talk to a stranger, donate to charity or homeless people, help someone..)

4. (For bloggers or youtuber maybe) Upload something on your social media, that could help or make somebody else smile..

5. Talk to one friend

6. Talk to one family member

7. One hour quality time with your boyfriend or a beloved person(animal too) really close to you.

So these are the things to follow! It's not a diet or anything that you HAVE to follow to become something you maybe arrive for a short period of time and then you get back to your old You.. it's a little list of simple actions that everybody should do in a daily basis in order to become a better person and live the time in this planet enjoying it fully.

I will defenetly push myself to do these things everyday!
I will link some videos that inspired me so much lately after I watched them: go check THIS, THIS and THIS 

Let me know if you try this too :)



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