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1:24 PM

Stripes T-shirt: NewDress*
Pants: Primark 
Shoes: Primark

Here for you guys I have some bad quality photos in a tiny little post because of the bad light. Also, I didn't think of ironing again the pants, so if my mom sees this post, she will probably write me back! haha

A very casual, simple look that everyone would wear (I guess) in case of no ideas on what to wear. The shoes of course are a complete optional, not everybody likes heels or has some simple ones.. but if you like them enough, you should just find a pair like this and I assure you, they go with every single item and style, so versatile that gets kinda scary!
As the shoes, the striped tshirt is also a classic.. but I admit, I don't wear stripes so often because I am not a stripe kind of person! If, as me, you want one, but you won't use it too much and you don't want to spend too much on it, you can get it in sites such as NewDress or similar, or just H&M!

I found again that joy of writing in my little blog as I used to do before, and this makes me even more happy. 
"See" you at the next post!


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