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Living alone brings you to create some habits, some small "traditions" that can be considered just yours and to sit down and write real plans. 
Of course not going too crazy about this and planning your whole life, but sometimes (it may be the precise german air I am breathing haha) it's good to have some sure things everyday, that permit you then to build around them something more spontaneous but in a enjoyable way.


Something I am thinking about since a while now is getting a cute little habit such as buying fresh and colorful flowers once a week. I don't even think you have to be in the mood for it, because as soon as you have some flowers on your living room, they immediately give you hapiness.. I guess it's all about that magic going on when you're around nature and its pretty elements.
I admit it, I just googled my favourite type of flowers, because I didn't know its name!
The "Gerbera daisy" is what I always look for in every flower shop, if they don't have it, they can't be my friends 8) 
And these are the biggest version of the little daisies you can see at the park, just in case you didn't know!


Seems like a silly thing to say, but most of the people I know, tend to forget themselves in the daily chaos.
You could start from the really beginning, even just from water! How much water do you drink? I am personally one of those people who could continue a whole day without feeling too much hunger if I don't drink a certain amount of water! And no, it's not like this for everybody: for example my boyfriend could eat huge amounts of food even not drinking anything all day (and still remaining thin.. grrr). 

Put a goal in your days and say for example "today I have to drink 2.5 liters of water!" and I am sure you can get it and feel lighter as ever!
Also, you are one of the most awesome creatures on earth and you are lucky to be yourself (if you don't feel lucky today, you will defenetly feel this way tomorrow). Stop once a day to think of what you've been working on lately, or just stop once a day to stop thinking! 


I know who reads this post is probably a student, but why not just enjoying food even when you don't have too much time to cook! I have been searching for tons of recepies on internet for so long now, and I can say I have a good food culture at the moment!

I mostly eat vegan, even if I basically am a vegetarian (I hate to give myself names, though).. but let's say in a week I will have some dairy products maybe twice! I try to avoid them because I made my personal reserches and got to the point that to feel 100% better in my body I don't need any meat and animal prduct. 

But.. you know, that's me! I love to hear when people searches by themselves and get their culture about food, it's just too awesome as a universe to just make basic tomato sauce pasta everyday!

These are just three points that popped up in my mind today, and I really missed to make this kind of posts directly from the sofa of my apartment just when I feel like! As you will see, I will post much more now, expecally because I have my beloved internet and my computer close to me *-*

Tell me if I made you meditate about "planning" some small things in your life, or just putting some small healthy limits and goals to help you become a better you!

See you in the next post! 
With love,

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