Cooking for Dummies: Hummus!

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I am 21 and I have my own kitchen, where I spend enjoyable time, so decided to start a series of recipe posts in my style! I want you to follow me in the process that will make me (or us) evolve from a "dummy" to a "please, let me teach you how to do it" level in terms of cooking! 
First recipe I wanted to try is Hummus*, entirely homemade, and you'll will soon see why I write entirely!

Everything was made looking and considerating things by heart at the moment, so I won't give too many specific infos, But you'll need:

1. Sesame seeds;
2. Vegetable oil of your choice;
3. Half a lemon;
4. A tea spoon of Curcuma and Salt;
5. Two cups of chikpeas;
6. Water

We first need to create Tahini (that you can also buy already done), and to do this put a decent amount of sesame seeds to toast in the oven, but without letting them get too brownish!
After you take them out, it'll be easier to get out of them the oil that they contain.

Wait until it cools down and start writing the letter of your name or making hearts on it, as you see in the picture.. it helps the process! 8) 
Put the seeds in a mixer and add oil, until you get the consistency of the peanut butter (it will even smell like it!).

Add the juice of half a lemon at the tahini, everything still in the mixer: it will make the tahini get thicker and that's called "magic".

Now add slowly the chickpeas, dividing the process in two times (so add one cup, mix, add the other, mix). Now put in salt and curcuma, depending on your own taste. Remember that the curcuma gives the original flavour to it, so put a good amount of that! 

Continue mixing adding some more oil, and when it's starting to become smoother, replace the oil with water and go on until you get the real consistence of the Hummus.

Congrats, your hummus is complete now! 
Serve it with a bit of paprika on.. some say to put even olive oil on, but I got how much oil you use to do it and I realized that it's fat enough haha


You can basically put it everywhere! It's mostly used when you eat Falafel, in sandwiches or instead of cream cheese when you make appetizers.. you could snack on it dipping in it some carrot slices or use it as a dressing for your salads.

This is how I used it, on an improvised Bulgur summer salad!

Hope you enjoyed the recipe and let me know if you make it too!

With love,

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