Cooking for Dummies: How to eat more green!

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I don't know about you, but I am one of those people who doesn't eat that many greens in the daily life. I must kinda force myself sometimes, and it seems even hard to believe to me since I love green as a color..
I have my little ways to get more into it, in particular three, that I'll show you in this post, all simple to follow.


When you have in mind a plate of pasta, rice or potates (not always, but when it could go well together), first put some greens on the plate, and then add the main recipe! They don't have to fill the plate, but anytime you'll take something with the spoon/fork, you'll grab some of the greens for sure and you can't escape haha

For example, here I had a quick recipe I often do and change, depending on what I have in the fridge that particular day: rice mixed with veggies and soy cream (that you can change with normal cream if you want, but it comes lighter and more enjoyable with the vegan cream). Here I wanted a red version of it, with red bell pepper and carrots, and as a base, some arugula!


So many italians make me sometimes afraid of showing what a try with an italian basic ingredient such as pasta. I mean, you can definitely play around with it, following your personal taste, so don't mind if italians feel offended around the internet! haha

Spinach are an awesome ingredient and a easy way to eat it, if you don't simply cook it with a bit of lemon, which is even more simple, is putting it in your pasta. So delicious!
In the photo you see an easy pasta in a tomato sauce with tomato pieces, mais, avocado (that you see entire, but i chopped into small pieces the pasta right after the photo) and the famous spinach.. believe me, you won't go wrong and you'll eat spinach so easily from now on.


I am also a person who doesn't easily eat salads if there are not pieces of cheese(better if vegan, but still I know sounds disgusting), loads of tomatoes or, as in this case, a really yummy dressing.
It may not look appetizing, but oh my.. I would eat salad with this everyday for every meal and snack! 8)

Here you see a good mixed salad with a dressing made out of roasted red bell pepper, zucchini, cashews and a tiny bit of oil.. I may do a more detailed post for this. Makes the salad extremly good, or as germans would say.. SOOO LECKER!


Will you try one of my tips, do you already use this "tricks" in your daily life or you have better way to incorporate greens in your daily diet?
I'd love to know from you! And I hope you liked today's post..


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