Yoga Festival Berlin

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From 9 to 12 July, from all over Germany and also all Europe, people with a common passion(you can already get it from the title) gather together in Kladow, one of the cutest (and cleanest haha) parts of Berlin. My boyfriend talked to me about it months ago and since lately I got into a more peaceful way of living, we decided to go together! This will basically be my first impression since it was my first time there :) 

1. How to go there

We actually live pretty far from the place, and Kladow is definitely a non-turistic  place.. Or maybe you could catch some old tourists but not really young people, mostly concentrated in hipster areas! But this is awesome because this place is so beautiful and pure that needs to remain like this. 
Anyway, the funniest way to go there is with a boat from Wannsee! The huge Lake is the only thing that reminds me of the see, so I guess I will return there several times in summer, since I kinda miss to touch the water with my feet and being on a beach! The boring way is with the bus, maybe in case of rain. 

2. The place

The location is awesome and you can completely get into the nature after the city chaos of Zoo or Alexanderplatz. You have the lake in a side, if you're a water person, and a forest in the other side, if you are a earth person as I am. I always think that Berlin (or Germany in general) really knows that nature is important and always gives to it the space that it deserves, still remaining a big city. You may need probably an hour to get to see some green, but it's always worth it! 

3. People of the Festival 

I saw a lot of people from different places and ages but they all gave me the same vibes, all positive of course. First thing I said there was "I wish the whole city would be full of people like this". These are the people who don't care about how you dress like and if your thoughts about something are different from theirs.. They were some of the people who finally understood that we are all the same and we just need more love(and more smiles! )

4. Colorful stands

The magic of the Festival is even in the cute and colorful stands, many with beautiful crystals or jewelry, clothes or home pieces. Also as soon as you get hungry, for normal prices you can get tons of vegetarian or vegan food, expecially Indian food with a lot of curry, which is always good haha

So.. did I like the festival? YES. Do I want to return next year? Definitely, and next time, after I will get more confident with it, even meditating with all the people there! 

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