1:30 PM

Top: Forever21
Long Skirt: Primark
Crochet Bra: Old
Heels: Primark

It happens any time I come back here, at my parents place, I get always new ideas and some good energy. Also, here I get back any time the chance and the inspiration to write on my poor blog :P
I guess everybody can notice how much I love making photos on beds haha it's like the second post in a row I make this way, but I adore my mom's room and can't help taking photos over there! It has a kind of vintage touch that it's better than putting an accessory to the outfit. 

The look is pretty elegant and I adore that top so much: starting from the bell sleeves, my favourite at the moment.. I had to come here and find this old bra of mine to wear it because I couldn't find anything cute in Berlin! The skirt is a basic one and with the shoes, both from Primark actually, they make the look kinda fancy haha all that to say that a look like this (maybe not everybody will like it) can be cute even if not expensive :)

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