Sweet like candy in my veins

2:20 PM

Heart Shirt: UrbanOutfitters 
Acid wash denim pinafore: Bershka
Boots: H&M 

Since it really seems like the weather turned into a real spring/summer, here there is this look :) 
I just feel like playing around with things I have, even because I don't really go shopping so often as I guess a fashion blogger does.. but I recently enjoyed this combination! I like the acid wash denim paired with the wine red of the shirt. I bought the heart shirt in the UO store so I am not able to put any link; when I saw it I actually would have liked more an M (that's a size SMALL) but it was the last size available so I just picked it up this was.. still doing its job I'd say! Haha
I defenetly started to feel more happy than usual, which it means I never take my smile off! :D in part because I feel extremely in love (the 1st of May will be 6 months with my boyfriend,time flies!!) and I made my eating regime a real habit. I eat so many veggies and fruits that even if sometimes I see some little fat more on my body, I just don't care so much cause it goes away by itself thanks to workout and my walks in the nature. But of course sometimes I could feel the need for dirty things, which means I've been craving for a donut for so long haha
Happy sunny day to everyone (if it's not sunny today, just think that hided over those clouds there is big sun shining) ❤❤

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