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12:56 PM

     Dress: Old
Flannel Shirt: BrandyMelville 
Booties: Topshop
Sunglasses: YesFor 
Backpack: Primark

This is my first spring in Berlin and it's of course totally different from the Italian one! Basically I never know how to dress and most of the times I end up feeling so cold because sometimes it can seem warm enough for a denim jacket, but I should have take a long one and the scarf.
Well about the outfit, it is still not what I would wear now, but maybe around May I will be able to wear this! The dress is not so old, but the brand is a not really known one from Italy. The style goes in a grunge direction, so I decided to add the choker to make it complete(see a detailed photo of it on my Instagram,  "pollyalba").
I should defenetly buy  more things online, I kinda stopped because I lately wanted always more to be sure about the size, since my body is strange and sometimes have different sizest in different points haha And I will start to buy more light coloured clothes, expecially white and pastels, because I am kinda tired of dark colours and I want something new. This doesn't mean that I won't wear black again :P

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