Why in the night sky are the lights on?

8:34 PM

Hat: Forever 21
Tee/Dress: Primark
Shirt: Vintage
Booties: same old ladies

Quick shop because today this was the onlywant in which I could write down in my beloved blog!
Easiest and quickest Look ever, with this tee from Primark (that you probably saw already if you follow me on Instagram) used as a dress because I took it oversized.. which is basically how I like t-shirts. 
The shirt is of a velvety material, in a burgundy/bordeaux color that I fell in love with when I was in Italy! I actually took it in the male section of a shop, and I don't like some small details it has but you know.. when you are in love you don't see the bad aspects of the partner, at least not directly haha
Sorry for the shitty photos but this time was a bit late and the light was slowly dying so yeah.. happy weekend you aaaaall❤❤

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