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So this is the second food post I am making, and I think we could put both in the healthy category! 

I am not vegan (not even really vegetarian, but I nearly deleted meat from my diet) but my boyfriend is, so this brought me to be more interested in that world.. First of all, being vegan or vegetarian not always means that someone is healthy,  being healthy has to be a mix between lots of aspects, just that you know. Haha
But this cookies are really good and simple,  so even if you are not vegan but you just don't have so many ingredients at home, but you still want to eat something sweet.. than give it a chance! 

So here there are the ingredients:
✔250g flour;
✔120g brown sugar(I put a little less)
✔60ml oil of your choice;
✔ 75ml warm water,
✔a small spoon of baking powder;
✔ dark chocolate chips!

Put in the water the sugar and the baking powder, mixing everything at the beginning with a wooden spoon because it's cooler.
Once you did this, put slowly the flour, and when it's absorbed, add the oil!
And in the end, my favourite moment, time to put the chocolate.. how much you want (so much).
I know that it's annoying but then you have to wait one hour because they need to take a rest in the fridge, but right after..
Make some balls (carefully, maybe with a wet spoon) and create the normal and classic cookies. 

Important part of the process is staying in front of the oven watching them grow (temperature: 180, 15/20 mins) because they feel loved and they become yummier! 

Do you see them? Well don't wait until they get this color because then they get dry haha a tiny bit less, and you will be ready to eat them with some milk (or soya milk).♡

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