Peaceful, the world lays me down

6:57 PM


Black Kimono: H&M
Top: Bershka, ages ago
Pants: H&M
Bag: Primark
Boots: H&M

Basically a total H&M and black look today, more because the day was/is grey but still wanted to keep it "classy", if we can call the look classy! I didn't wear an all black look since ages, maybe even because reminds me of when I was a little metal lover haha so I kinda avoid this kind of looks adding some color somehow, but you know what.. sometimes you just need it. 
The kimono is a new entry from my birthday shopping session, I really felt like I needed something simple, expecially for summer nights! And the bag.. well I would have never thought about buying something cute as this bag, but apparently seems to go with a lot of my clothes so I said "why not"!

Lately I have been looking around in instagram a lot of bloggers that post beautiful photos and that have girls, mostly teenagers, that write under their photos "goal", "wish I had those legs", "omg i would die for that body" and stuff like this.. but seriously girls, tell whatever you want to your body but in the end of the day show some love to it because is the only one you have! I gain and loose weight easily (not really awesome) because I love food, and I complain about my weight or the way some clothes fit on me.. but in the end of the day I am glad for the body I have and day after day I realize how cool is the fact that you can decide how you want it to be! You can make it better if you want, eating better for example. But don't look at other girls wanting to be as them because YOU have your kind of body and they have their body, so love yourself more(and more than the others)!

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