Fear the Sea

6:48 PM

Military Green Blazer: Thrifted 
Top: Primark
Denim: Thrifted 
Boots: H&M

This outfit is pretty simple, I don't even know what to write about it! Haha
I will begin saying that it's not just simple, but ridiculously cheap.. because last week's I've been thrifting in a place that was closing so they put everything in small prices (sometimes here in Berlin second hand shops are not that cheap)!
I've put this two pieces together because I thought that the combination of colours was pretty cool, and it gives to the look that something that makes it look probably similar to what my mom used to wear when I was a child (mid 90s). The pants are acavallo a 38, and I am supposed to be a 40, but they are comfy as he'll and I like them anyways, even if they make my legs look enormous :D

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3 commenti

  1. Your legs look perfect ¬¬ don't say stupid thing, plus, my size is a 40 too so when you move to Granada we can share clothes... ... ... ... ... because that's going to happen... ... ... ... soon...
    Just kidding, I'm not crazy, don't worry jajajaja <3 but you do look beautiful :)

    1. Uaaaaa oh my god, why you're so sweet Hahah you are one of the few people with whom I would share my clothes 8) and since I love traveling I am quiet sure I will see Granada one day *w* even just the name looks cool! Haha

    2. Wait till you see the Alhambra... You'll fall in love ♥ Just let me know, I'll show you everything to be seen, which is a lot *O* The only thing bad... like I said many times... is that we don't have a Primark... yet... e.e
      <3 <3