- 20 things about me!

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Since is not really a video but just a post and since 50 things would have been too much, here there is a 20 things about me post! 

1- I was born in Albania, I grew up in Italy, and now I live in Germany;

2- I am now 21 but sometimes I still feel like 5 years old;

3- I love the cold pizza of the night before;

4- When I come back to the grocery store, with bags full of food that don't permit me to move my arms, my phone often likes to put on the Samsung ring tone.. and I have to listen to it all until I get home;

5- My favourite tea is black tea;

6- I love cheese and I could put it everywhere;

7- I have a weird love for languages and anytime I hear one that I don't know, I feel the need to learn it;

8- I am recently getting into meditation and nature, more and more;

9- I love medieval music and I often have the feeling that I once used to live in that period;

10- Related to the info before, I believe in past lives;

11- My favourite color is white (if you consider it color);

12- When I grow up I want to be a fairy;

13- I am neeeearly vegetarian;

14- I play guitar and sing in bands since I was 14;

15- I love reading at home when outside is raining;

16- I hate black coffee and I can drink coffee just if there is a lot of milk in it;

17- I drink alcohol just if I feel like doing it when I am with friends sometimes, but I never feel the need for it and I don't enjoy the taste that much so I could easily live without it;

18- I love traveling and next places where I want to go are Sweden, Hong Kong, somewhere in USA, Japan and Spain;

19- I feel extremely curious and I often go to read again now things that teachers used to teach in high school.. but in that period I didn't study cause it was mainstream;

20- I found a passion for photography and I often prefer a photo to lots of useless words!

So these are some things about me, I may sound as a creepy person but I guess I am not that creepy! Do you find some similarities to what I wrote about me?
See you soon in a better post with an ootd :)

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  1. So weird ._. We are really similar you and I D:

  2. Hahaha now I am really curious to know you XD