Things I can't explain

2:18 PM

Lately I've been asking myself about some things that normally surround us and are part of our/mine everyday life. As excuse for this post, I am sick and I feel bored 

1. Why every fashion blogger posts on instagram regularly photos of flowers that they don't even buy? I can pass over the cuteness of the colors in the account but sometimes my homepage of IG is just full of them 8)

2. Why things I like are expensive? I find pretty interesting how even in a sale period, when nearly everything costs less, only the things that catch my attention aren't on sale and cost like part of my monthly money 

3. How boring must be being the person that have to take photos of the bloggers in every place doing all the daily things? And where to get one? 

4. What kind of meat is the one inside the kebab, and do the kebab-sellers even know it?

5. Why do I go in a starbucks for the Internet connection, buying their expensive coffee if then internet is too slow cause is full of people?

6. Why moms know everything? 

7. How's possible that there are still people who think we are the only intelligent beings in the whole universe?

8. Why security men of some supermarkets think they're the kings of the world?

9. Why when people invented german, they tried to make it as difficult as possible? 

If you know the answer of some/one of the them, let me know! 

With love,

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2 commenti

  1. 2. OMG why? I ask myself the same question. Why, Carmen, why?
    4. I stopped eating kebab, they really make me feel sick D: (that's maybe because I just eat them when I party... but anyway... NO MORE KEBAB!)
    6. Don't you miss your mum there in Berlin? :'( I would, for sure jajajaa
    7. That people is the same who says you're trying to be like Lua
    Get well soon :) ♥

    1. Hahaha I bet that if you come in Berlin you change your mind about kebabs! Even if sometimes i feel a little bit sick too after eating them, but mostly because here the make them soon big that my stomach cannot handle them xD
      I miss mum so much, but as soon as I return I squeeze her and hug her, and even just talking on the phone it feels good :)
      I am already better, and feel so energetic!! Hope you are good too, and I wait you on berlin for the best kebab 8)