11:16 AM

Hat: Forever21
Dress: Primark
High Knee Tights: Primark
Boots: H&M

Simple look I've been wearing some days ago and I randomly decided to take some pictures to update the blog cause it's been nearly (probably more) a month now since I posted something!
Obviusly the main reason is the time and some issues I have had these months, but if everything goes as in my plans, then you will find so much more looks and posts soon. 

Also, because of an eye infection I had a week ago, I didn't put any eyeliner or makeup on my eyes, and just who reaaally knows me can imagine my pain when I went out without that tiny black line that I thought it makes the difference.. but you know what? Natural looks are fuc*in' awesome! haha I have never realized how good is to just wash your face and then just put some mascara on and directly go. 
But of course, I won't leave my friend eyeliner that helped me look normal for so many years 8)

Normal bloggers have clothes from different and cool sites all over internet, and I actually just buy things in the shops lately 'cause I didn't really feel the need to buy anything online.. so girls forgive me if my blog is not giving you any links to buy something that you see and like, I just basically have fun! haha

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  1. In love with your super amazing photos! The color is too perfect.