5:31 PM

Tee: Old, The Cure
Cardigan: Zara
Skirt: Urban Outfitters/ or maybe Missguided

Soooo I'm finally writing my first post of 2015, with some more weight on to take off and some good programs for the future months to turn into reality! I will leave Italy in 5 days and I can already say that I really enjoyed this vacation in a better weather, on my own all time cozy bed, with mum cooking everything (well, that wasn't really the best part for my body haha) and with my old friends around me. Oh, and chocolate. haha
This look is what I would wear in a really "I just want to be cozy" day, if it's not time for my pijamas yet! I actually spent/am spending lots of time in my pijamas, and I even discovered an obsession for New Girl, the only series that I really enjoy and that I'm finishing. I'm not a big fan of series because I'm not patient for them and I end up only watching a season for each of them haha But it's like I can kinda find myself in Jess so.. 8)

The skirt is from the sales of october in Urban Outfitters(the only moment when I could afford something in that store), so I couldn't really find a link on the internet site for it, but there's the one of Missguided which is pretty similar (exept for the buttons). <3 p="">

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