I love you but I've chosen Darkness

8:51 PM

 Top: H&M
Denim: H&M
Flannel Shirt: Brandy&Melville
Boots: H&M
Choker: Primark

Surprised to see one of my posts? I actually really had to do something these days not just because i miss to write here in my "secret" place, but even because one year ago (to be precise, on the 19th of december) i started this blog! :) I started because I didn't totally like my life in that period and I wanted to (kinda) escape from people and school doing what I really liked.. and now that I enjoy my life more than ever, I still want to use this place to maybe show my passion for clothes (yes, believe it or not, for me it's a passion) to other people that sometimes need some inspiration! 

This is a pretty simple look and maybe a bit "grunge", but that's what I mostly like to wear when I don't feel like wearing tights and skirts. Probably when I started the blog I'd have never said something like that because of my hate for pants, but people change fortunatly, and pants sometimes are the comfiest thing on earth! 
I don't have any links for the clothes 'cause are actually basic things that you could have in your wardrobes, or if you don't, you just have to go to the nearest H&M and you'll find everything (except for the shirt, that's from Brandy&Melville and it's a gift from my best friend, so it's special!).

Hope that your festive days are going well, but we'll probably "see" each other soon so, just for the moment, good evening! <3 font="">

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