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3:21 PM

This is me! This is where my stable home is and I actually used to take photos like this before, but after a while you just get tired and stop taking photos of the place where you live 'cause you're seeing it everyday haha

I realized walking for nearly two hours that places can remain always the same, but when a person changes, it's like even the place changes, and so the angles of the photos you take do. It's not about the view, it's just about the eyes.. once I lived for 4 months in Berlin, with lots of big buildings all around me, seeing a peacefull scenario like this was good and relaxing at the beginnig, but after a while it started to get weird (?). Don't get me wrong, I like nature so much and I still can't live without taking a walk alone in the green!

Aaaaanyway, let's just take a moment to think about how perfect clouds are.. seriously, I want to hug them..

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