Wish I was old and a little sentimental

6:26 PM

Top: H&M
Boots: Topshop
Pants: H&M
Hat: Forever21

After all this time, still an all H&M look.. but a bit different from the ususal. Actually I find this style more interesting than some other past styles I've tryed, and it would be awesome to see the difference between this an one of my old looks on the blog! I really want to change something and that's probably because of the north european air that brings new things. New good things.
The pants are not just cool and "classy" but even so comfy, and if I were in Italy I'd never even go close to see them in a shop, but here I feel free for some sperimentations!

The photos are made in my room 'cause still I don't know when to take them outside, but I hope that for the next post the scenery will change. Sorry for the shitty editing and love you all <3 font="">

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