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1:32 PM

Sweater/Jumper: Old
Bag: Asianicandy *
Jeans: H&M
Watch: Asianicandy *
Boots: H&M

Can't believe I'm writing again on my blog after years of no wifi, no laptop and no camera! I really missed my "diary" and taking some photos with the recent clothes combinations (expecially here in Berlin, with lots of cool places where I can take photos).. but yeah, everything must be taken as something positive and I admit that not having a computer everyday as I used to have is not tha bad.

But anyway, is that too autumnal for the moment? I took nearly a month ago, maybe less, and I guess that this look can still be used because it's not that cold even here in Berlin. I've put together some of my favourite pieces: 
-old jumper, stole to my brother years ago but so cozy, so I had to take it from Italy;
-black chunky boots, still can't realize I found them in H&M but they're so comfy and pretty, they could go with every kind of outfit;
-sweet retro kinda bag, perfect when you don't have to bring too many things with you, possibly when you just want to take a walk (maybe romantic?) ;
-high waisted denim, oh yes, me with a pair of jeans! haha I use to wear new things till death, sorry jeans;
-tiny little cat watch, same site as the bag so if you like this asian style things just go chek their site HERE ! :)

Other news in next postssss!!

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