4:14 PM

Hello! Do you remember me?
I know I'm not writing that much even if I have wifi but I'm so into studying these times (you can even see my school girl style haha).

With this photo I'm just showing you my life: messy but so nice and with lot of light. There is also me, thinking probably but only about good and positive things, so different from the past! You cannot see my face (as always) but under that hat and behind those hair (getting blonder every day) there's a smiley face.

I eat too much chocolate, but it seems like I got addicted so I can't do anything to stop.. anything but eating it, obviusly. I'm reading Sophie's World and evenif I don't really like phylosophy after my high school lessons, this book it's amazing and so lovely (and in german haha)!
I grew up, but not too much. Sometimes if I have to find a place in Berlin I still get lost, but I like getting lost here 'cause it makes me discover new places..  probably even cooler thanthe one I was looking for. 

I go/went shopping, so I better do some other posts to show you my stuff 8)

If you're reading this, don't hesistate towrite in the comments something.. I love to read what  other people write, It's okay even if you write what you ate yesterday or your favoutire colour (or what you're reading now!)

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  1. Aw, it is true about being lost and finding new places! Your room looks very cozy, I like the wooden floor boards and of course, the silhouette of you standing against the bright light. Keep writing, Polly! =) xoxo

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW