3:53 PM

Checked shirt: H&M/like THIS* or THIS*
Basic croptop and black mini skirt: Primark & H&M
Boots: H&M/ or nearly like THESE *(one zip missing haha)

Oversized things are what the world needs at the moment! It would be nice to begin with "I'm writing from my new apartment" but actually I have to wait some days for the wifi connection :( So since I had to take some more things from the old apartment, I'm still here now! I guess I'll need to go again to Starbucks to upload something haha 
The look is pretty simple (as always) and the only new thing here are my new boots from H&M, I needed to share them with you! They have two zips, and let's just say it.. zips can make look better everything. I love them and it surprised me for the pretty good quality. Also, they're perfect because I can wear them even for my german lessons without looking as a giant (I'm 1.80m with my Topshop boots). 
If your trying to understand what I did with my hair, THIS is the answer.. I just wanted to try something different since my hair is long enough to play with it, naturally I have to practice more to be as good as the tutorial (check the pretty videos of that channel, they helped me in many things!) :)

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3 commenti

  1. Love your blog... and I love this outfit! xx
    Four One OH!

  2. Awesome shots :) I think you should share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)

  3. Love this grunge look!