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Hi people, 
I'm sitting in my kitchen eating something not that healthy like nutella instead of having lunch and thinking that too much time has passed since I've posted something on the blog, so here's my computer and I feel much better now! 
I forgot how cool is writing on my own blog, a place on the wild internet world that nobody can touch. I know that that's not an outfit post but hey, that's a site about me so I wanted to make a short update of my life! :D
You know, I recently read lots of things about fashion bloggers (after all those fashion weeks). I've changed my ideas and I arrived at the conclusion that I'm not really a "fashion blogger", I'd call me just a blogger basically.. I don't really know anything about fashion in a deep way, I only know what I love and what I don't like to wear haha 
Anyway, being in another country without your parents around you it's not that easy! I haven't posted that much this period because I haven't really bought that much in my shopping moments.. only boring and needed things I could say! Also, I don't have my lovely wardrobe with me so I cannot even try new combinations how I loved doing in the past(expecially now that's fall).. but that's not a big deal. 

If you're wondering, I live in Neukolln! Berlin is a big city and I don't have a permanent apartment where to live at the moment, so I'm always looking for new apartments every month actually.. but after october I'll try to be more stable and find a room with other students! My german lessons will start in October so unfortunatly I don't have any friends yet, even because usually here it's like everyone is looking for a partner. I had some conversations with some guys and then I realized that they weren't interested in a simple talk/friendship, that's a bit sad.. but who cares, that's life haha
I'm studying by my own now (reading a book to learn more words) and hope to reach a good level before Christmas.

Here I have some thrift shops I couldn't find in Italy, and I'm so excited to discover them all! I've seen "Made in Berlin" and even if it's pretty cool and has lots of interesting pieces, I guess it costs too much for selling thrift/second hand clothes so I'm looking for something else. Tomorrow I'll go and check a new shop because I NEED a new plaid shirt! 

Hope your weekend ended well and I'll post these days a new outfit post (and tomorrow maybe I'm going to film a youtube video.. a TMI to know me better, would you like it? :) )

With love,

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