American Horror Story

3:38 PM

Hat: Forever21
Flats: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Top: YesFor
Belt: Primark

I just returned home from Ikea right now.. seriously, I want to live there! haha I posted my dream room on Instagram ("pollyalba", just in case) and it costs less than 600 euros if I remember well.. crazy. The photos of this look are taken in the living room of my new apartment and I adore it! There's so much light and peace that comes from the great window, in contrast with the chaos of a city like Berlin. The outfit reminds me of American Horror Story Coven, and I didn't wear these clothes thinking of it, it just came out like this yesterday because I felt like a mix of a witch and a fairy (all black clothes for this look, floral dress during the day). Also, the weather is great these days here, and I just feel social haha don't know why, I'd love to speak with everyone down the street.. this city is actually changing me in a positive way!

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