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3:14 PM

I love ugly photos

Top: Primark/or Asos*
Belt: Primark
Cardigan: Pull&Bear(Men)
Skirt: Thrifted/but you may like THIS*, THISor THIS*
Boots: TopShop/black ones Here*

As you can see, my brother loves taking photos when I'm in strange positions with my legs and also taking profile photos, you may notice my nose who just wanted to participate haha
I had to take some photos before my brother leaves (he'll return in Italy now), and one of the recent purchases I own at the moment is this pretty and delicate thrifted skirt.. THAT'S what I was talking about months ago! You know, cute things doesn't really have to cost too much, that's something that most of the girls in Italy have to learn. This skirt was 3 euros and it was originally a midi skirt, but I prefered to cut it as a mini skirt, so that I could wear it in winter too with some tights on!
So the 1st september I'm moving to a new apartment (soooo pretty, but just for a month), and then I'll look for something to have for a longer time, I guess a room with others. But this home where I live now has a great kitchen and I want to try something before I move to the other one.. "rice spaghetti with veggies and chicken"! Doesn't it sound nice? :D I recently fell in love with asians recipes.. I may write a recipe-post about it, it would be funny (but just if it turns out well haha). 

I like to call my hair "leaf-hair", and I guess that's pretty appropriate for the season!

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