What if to love and be loved's not enough?

5:14 PM


Hat: Forever21
The Cure Tee: Vintage
Shorts: Forever21
Plaid Shirt: H&M
Backpack: Primark

Finally I'm in the new apartment with a normal wifi connection :D I was so tired of always going on a Starbucks cafè to just post a look.. but now I can finally make some other kind of posts, like "Style Inspirations" and thing like that!
I wanted to start this post answering to a girl with an account named "LoveLuannaPerez" who wrote a funny comment on my instagram (pollyalba), she said "why are you copying Luanna Perez? Get your own personality". Well, I actually love her style and get a lot of inspiration from her, but I also take inspiration from lots of other girls haha you know, that's how fashion and its world goes! I did my hair this way because I loved it on me and wanted to do something special, I thought people were free to do what they want.

Amyway, I took some photos outside after aaaall this time, I forgot how much I love these kind of photos. I were in FriedrichStrasse and it was funny to do a photoshoot with people looking at me, and even embarassing! The hat and my new shorts are both from Forever21, I didn't love some shorts that much.. they really fit perfectly on me, and if you follow me, you may know hao much I hate pants/shorts! This was love at the first sight. I used under my The Cure tee the mesh top I had in my last post, and I transformed it in a less girly top(actually, that's how I wanted to wear it from the beginning).

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6 commenti

  1. You know people can be really really stupid... but don't worry, your style is perfect ;)
    Why did you move to Berlin? Are you going to study there? In that case, what are you going to study? :)
    <3 <3

    1. Carmen <3 you're so sweet, thank you for yout kind words!! :) Yeah I know that this kind of people exist, but they still surprise me somehow
      Anyway, I moved to Berlin because I love this city and I would start Fashion Design university here! Before that, I have to take some german lessons because even if I "studied" it in high school, I'm not that able to have a long conversation (but I know how to talk about Franz Kafka's life and works haha the result and uselessness of giving german literature in high schools)!
      And you. are you in university? Hope everything's going well :)

    2. You remember my name :DDD <3
      Wow, I studied french in highschool and I'm not able to speak a single word, or even understand it D: OMG that sounds great, I wish I could do that but I'm useless drawing or trying to create something, so... jajaaj good luck and enjoy ^^
      I'm going to finish my psychology degree this year (hopefully) and I have no idea about what am I going to do with my life after that, because finding a work in Spain is... pretty fucking difficult jajajaja. Let's see...

    3. Ahhh I know what you mean, same in Italy.. and maybe even one of the reasons I'm here now! But psychology it's great, so while you read what I'm writing you can notice my feelings and my emotions? 8) no sorry, just joking haha some years ago I had the idea of studying it in the uni too, but then fashion took completely my life xD
      And of course that I remember your name :D I'd love to know if something else happens to you, so write me if you have some news or anything else :) <3

  2. Very sexy tights,I love them

    1. haha they're just simple tights, but thank you!