5:51 PM

Hat: H&M
Dress: Tomtop *
Backpack: Primark
Booties: TopShop

Daaamn, my hair look awful in these photos, they're not that yellow but there were a really bad light.. doesn't matter, you should focus on the dress! 
I went into the "mesh world" just recently, I know it's late, so that's why I got this pretty dress. Actually, the site says "heart neckline" but it has just a normal neckline, and I think it's much better this way (sometimes heart necklines seems too girly to me haha). I'm not always sure about the sizes when I want to buy or get something in asian sites, sometimes I ask for an M and I receive an XS, but I wanted to be sure with this one so I chose the size L and it fits me perfectly (you can find it HERE). When I went shopping (these two days) and I saw this cute backpack I suddenly thought that it would have been perfect paired with this dress.. obviously I didn't buy it only for that haha It reminds me of something back in the 60's, like those "color block" dresses, and it was only 5 euros, isn't it so cool?! Primark should be in Italy too! 

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