6:35 PM

Top: Tomtop*
Skirt: H&M
Sunglasses: YesFor
Choker: Primark
Boots: TopShop

I miss my wardrobe so bad, I haven't obviously all my clothes with me here and the weather is getting colder so fast. I really need to buy sweaters and eventually even a long parka because I want to wear my skirts and don't want them to fly because of the wind. Oh and also, lots of tights.. maybe some fishnet tights, just to try, I've never wear them! The top I'm wearing is also from the site where I got my dress with the mesh details, but this one has a hearted neckline this time. Since I don't want to be girly every time of my life, I really think I could use this top in a different way.. I could use the mesh sleeves putting over it maybe a band tee or something like that, just to rock the outfit a bit!
I thought the floral skirt from H&M (I bought it years ago) was meant to be with the top, so here's the combo. I'm writing in a Starbucks Cafe and close to me there's a man who is reading nearly everything so haha yeah, that's enough for today :D

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