Die Antwoord

5:05 PM

Dress: Forever21
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Bershka

I transformed the bad light of the photos into a cool light (I guess) with the app Vsco-Cam, I'm addicted to it. Berlin is really bringing me into this 90's vibe I already had when I was in Italy, but that now I can finally make more personal with all these shops I have around. Here no one cares of what you're wearing or what you look like, well except some tourists.. or even better, some italian tourist haha Yesterday I felt "different" for the first time here, and this because of an italian family who was looking at me like I killed someone, I thought they were joking. Don't really know why, maybe they didn't like my clothes or hair, or just me.. but I went out of the train and waited for the train after, it was too much. Anyway, the result of my 90's vibe came out even with this dress, it's one of the best and most simple things I've bought! It was 9  euro or something more, from Forever21, and it's so comfy I could wear it even to sleep. The title is "Die Antwoord" because this band is one of those bands I'm listening to so much at the moment.. and with them also Alt-J, First Aid Kit and Grimes as always.

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