August Wishlist!

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I'm sorry for my absence but I used my days in Italy to just stay with people I love, but I'm in Berlin now and I'm ready to write againnn.. many cool things will come! I started this post when it wasn't august yet, so that means I have a lot of fun doing it and that I found, surfing the net as per usual, many pretty things:


I got obsessed with these holographic items (expecially the skirts, like this or this from American Apparel! I know, they're expensive as heeell) and even if I don't have one of them yet, I still have time, I think it could be one of those things that never gets unfashionable.. but even if it happens, I don't care haha

This clutch here is so pretty and particular, it is in a quilted leather and the quality should be awesome because it's a clutch from FrontRowShop, and you can find it HERE 
Really love that size, it's such a good alternative to big bags during the day and even if the prizes sometimes are a bit higher than my standards in FrontRowShop, I'm still loving it.


Twin sets could be considered this summer's must have. Maybe you can recognize this pink twin set because you have already seen it on another blogger or maybe you just know the brand (check it HERE), it is from The White Pepper and I'm actually really interested in this shop/site. You can find their items in Topshop, all the clothes are a mix of the adjectives "comfy", "super-cute" and "retro". If you take a look at their instagram account, you can find really pretty dresses, but I think that their dresses could be perfect for a relly skinny girl 'cause they're so (how can I say it.. well) large, does it make sense? Let's just take the example of this dress HERE, imagine it on a big-sized girl.. she could look even "bigger", but if the girl is really skinny all that someone could say of her will be "ohhh, she's lovely as a little girl!!". Conclusion, I'll never buy one of these dresses haha But still interested in their crop-tops or skirts :D


I used to hate backpacks if not related to school, but I changed completle my ideas lately. I think this kind of backpacks (simple and with silver details), are a cool touch to a grungy/childish look.
It's actually something that reminds me of a street style, perfect for big cities, when you want to melt beauty with praticality! I would prefer mat colours, somthing like black or white.. or even some pastel colours, for a more girly look. for this perfect backpack, go check HERE 


I fell in love with white denim pieces. I don't eve have anything like that, but I'd really love to find a thrift store with something similar. This pic is taken from Sheinside, I found them HERE, and they're perfect if we talk about the price, but something vintage would really have something more, I don't know. As you can see that's a denim skirt, because I'm don't usually like shorts/pants in general 8)


If I ask to anyone "do you like these booties?", the answer will be "whaaaaat's thaaat?!". So, I'm considering the fact that I'm the only one who adore them! Seriously, one day they will be mine, no matter how they cost (these are from Topshop). I've always loved the Buffalo chunky boots, I've seen them from a lot of Instagram accounts and they look so comfy. 

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