Arabella's got some interstellar-gator skin boots

5:30 PM

Dungarees: Pull&Bear
CropTop: H&M
Sneakers: Converse

I'm sitting on a chair in a Starbucks and I'm writing this post here because my internet connection in my german apartment it's everything but fast. That's why I haven't made a look in ages.. but fortunately the WiFi is the only bad thing of the house, really it has a great design, everything by Ikea actually. If you follow me on Instagram (search Pollyalba), you'll know that I moved to Berlin recently, and I'm loving every single place of this city. I already feel it like "mine", and I'm not saying it just because of all the shops I can find here haha I even love taking the U-bahn or the S-Bahn, it's so funny to see other people that don't know where to look when they're sitting next to other people. 
Talking about the look, it's pretty simple and it's just what I like to wear here (if it's possible with the weather, it changes a lot)! I guess I'll start coming to Starbucks anytime I'll need to post something on the blog, so loooots of iced tea for polly

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